Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5.2 mile walk to Baker Beach

So for the first time in several months we were able to cross the creek, and hike up Baker Beach.  We found this 5 gallon container full of something.  Tsunami debris? maybe, I've reported it to the proper authorities.

My neighbor spots the dead whale.  We knew it was up there, but haven't been able to get to it, not that I really wanted to see it.  But as long as I'm there -  I had to look.

 Doesn't look much like a whale anymore - the birds have been doing a job on it.

Just past the whale another blue container, this one didn't have any kind of a label.

This is the stump, that's our 2 1/2 mile landmark, we knew once we reached it we had to turn back.  This thing is gigantic, but has been half buried since mid-summer. Great walk, fantastic weather, and interesting stuff to look at.

2 1/2 mile stump

Another Walk - This time at Sunset January 20

Made it to the creek, with enough time for the dogs to play.  Then had a great walk back at sunset.

Fantastic Weather on the Oregon Coast - January 18

The weather has been Fantastic, 50 degree sunny days with no wind.  I've also been dog sitting a friends Labradow, so I've had him and my Cairn out on the beach for 5 miles everyday, trying to keep the two of them calm.
Here's a couple more Driftwood Forts

 This is a very large log that is covered with tiny little barnacles, it was obviously in the water a long time

The dogs found a float!
 Coda (Labrador) and Renfro (Cairn Terrier) enjoying their beach walk
 Coda being a true Labrador, always has a stick in his mouth.

Friday, January 18, 2013

I love A-Frames

I have this thing for A-Frames, and Florence is full of them.  Here are two Nestled in the Tree's on a Hill.

This one is really cool as it has an A-Frame Shed to match.

This is just a fence I really like

This one is currently for Sale.

Another shot of the one with the matching shed

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Short walk several finds

Got a short walk in today, still recovering from the flu, so don't want to overdo it.  Right off I found this starfish.

A few steps more and I found this amazing agate. 2 inches long, and inch wide and 3/4 inch thick

Then while not whole 2 really intersting Sand Dollars, looked like they'd been out there for years, getting worn down by the surf action.

This is Baker Creek, which I spend most of the year being able to cross, to continue my walk.  However this year, it's as wide as a river and several feet deep.  So I look across it longingly knowing all the good finds are on the other side of it;-)

While it started out below freezing this morning, it was almost 50 degree's this afternoon - downright balmy!