Friday, May 07, 2010

Dorene's Float - April 13th, 2010

Another update to our float finds..... On Tuesday April 13th, we had another westerly storm, and Dorene, who missed the Thursday April 8th finds, wanted to go out. So up we got at 5:30am and along with neighbor Debby we're out on the beach at 6:00. Debby didn't have as much time to walk so she decided to go North - so Dorene and I went South. We were about half way to the Jetty when, Debby called said she was leaving the beach and that she didn't find anything. Dorene, and I had just found a couple of large plastic floats, we walked a short ways more and starting seeing Japanese glass bottles, so we kept going. All the sudden up ahead I saw it sitting halfway between the surf and the high tide line - I said to Dorene, is that what I think it is, and she's like ohmygawd it is - is it mine? and I'm like if you RUN! She did!!! So there we are...the 5th Chinese long line Float find in the neighborhood, and Dorene and I both got ones with the net still on them. Very Cool!

Anyway, we were all bundled up like Nanook of the North that day, and she wouldn't let me take a picture - so we just got around to it today. Here's Dorene's and Mine on our deck.

Heard neighbor Harlen found one this past Wednesday - so hopefully I'll get a picture of that one as well.