Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anchor's A-Way a 1965 600 square foot A-Frame

Everyone know's I love A-Frames, and in the summer of 2013 I took on 2 of them as vacation rentals. Anchor's A-Way was in need of some organization, a good clean up, and some yard work.   Here's what we started with. I'll post what we ended up with in another article.
The built in bunch beds, which we're just in need of new mattresses.

Don't see the old cadet wall heaters very often - but it still works like a champ

Cool mid-century floor lamp and orange footstool.

I love the wood stove, but we had to lose it, as it was cracked, and not to code.   However we have saved the metal ring, and the white rock that filled it, incase we ever get to put one back in.

Kitchen just needed some cleaning and organization - very small but functional

40 years worth of the owners treasures and supplies

Bathroom, got a new floor and paint.

Bedrooom, loft got a new Queen bed, and some artwork, orginal yellow shag carpet is in gorgeous shape.

love the bunk beds, with the storage underneath, and the orange paint is just so fantastic.  Especially with the herringbone yellow/gold linoleum.

more stuff - the vintage red card table is folded up and ready to use for jigsaw puzzles on stormy days.

The Magic Chef Apartment size stove, got new drip pans and was ready to go back to cooking.

Well at least we were able to save the floor and the braided rug.  See next article for how Anchor's A-Way turned out.