Thursday, June 15, 2006

Rain, Showers, Mist & Grey

It's been an unusual Spring. Usually it quits showering around the last 2 weekends in May. It's showed no sign of slowing this year, and the long time locals are saying they remember summers when it never stopped. UGH....... I can deal with the rain, as we all know it keeps "Oregon Green" but we're starting to look like Seattle, Grey overcast everyday, and I know the lack of sun is starting to get to everyone.

However there are some good points... We have a Rhododendron Festival each year as we have incredible wild Rhodys everywhere. Well some years they've quit blooming before the festival (3rd weekend in May) This year -- They're still blooming, gorgeous pink flowers everywhere you look, even the pines, firs and evergreens are shooting up new growth everywhere.

It's also been a banner year for birding! I've seen flocks and flocks of Brown Pelicans headed North, as well as Tern's. The buzzards are back for the summer, and the Osprey and Bald Eagles have been thick. I've also seen two owls, not sure which type yet.

The clamming season was opened for the first time in 3 years, and the beach is covered with people at low tide clamming. And most of them seem to be coming back with their limit.

Due to the lack of wind the Ocean has spent a lot of time looking like a lake, so Sea Lion & Whale Watching has been phenomenal. Several times I've heard the sea lions barking, and watched them jumping up almost like dolphins out of the water. Usually you just see heads and flippers swimming along.

There was some scattered sun today, although it's not looking promising out over the ocean now. The weatherman has been claiming we might get a sunny weekend, I hope so.

The Dredge is back, each year it comes in and dredges the silt out of the river for 5 days. It's really impressive to watch, I got a great picture of it a couple of years ago, and will try to do it with my digital camera this year.

Here's the last picture I got of it:

Well that's my 6 week update!