Saturday, April 20, 2013

Architectural Oddities

There are a few other gems I love. Some are just downright odd, and then there are those that are just rare here in Florence.

My favorite oddity is Sea Star Spa, which is one of my vacation rentals. It's actually just a square box, but you wouldn't guess that looking at it's roof:
Well this isn't really an oddity it's a dome, but it's an oddity here in Florence!
Eccentricity Antiques and I have decided that this is a Northwest Coastal Sixties Modern. There just is no other way you can describe them.

Whales Watch also a Northwest Coastal Sixties Modern.  Who in the heck puts a point at the front of their house with a flat roof pitched towards the beach? Of course living here, I know it tends to deflect the wind up and over us! I do know mine was built in 1969.
I'll let everyone make their own decisions on this one!
This is actually a tri-plex, but it's very beachy and really unique.

This is the newest house I took a picture of built in the late 90's.  But it is one house, just 3 Cape Cod Cottages put together?
 An finally, we have a few things going on here.  Pilings, a turret, and several different roof angles and pitches. However I think it's very beachy and it's one of my favorties. It was built sometime in the seventies.