Saturday, March 09, 2013

Couple more A-Frames

My plan is to put together a private google map that I can hand out to guests or friends who are as nutty about A-Frames as me.  But here are 2 more I hunted down today. Some of these are located on semi-private streets that are best walked past.

 Erik from Eccentricity Antique Journey and I were debating about the one above.  It's sides aren't flat, is it an  A-Frame? Our conclusion, while modified with a curvy roof it does still fulfill the A-Frame requirement.
This one is wow - part of it, that makes it so wow is the lime green color.  But catch the fact that it has an A-dormer (there's a matching one on the other side).  And the fact that it has sort of an A front and back porch cover.  Not my color, but it is very cool.
Not a traditional A-Frame either, but an A-Frame nevertheless.